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We Are What We Eat! Bytewise was born from the belief that healthy food access should be available for all to live a healthy living. One of the challenges that the organic market currently faces is that the customer can not "Trust" the brands selling organic.

Bytewise addresses the Trust's concern by offering transparency about the product supply chain, quality checks, and labs reports. We are our farmer's representatives: Bytewise Organic helps farmers prosper and get the rates that they deserve and at the same time make the supply chain more transparent so that the customers finally get the power to know what they eat. Therefore, we procure our products from small - to medium-size farmers, package them at our facility, and make them available for the customers.


We have implemented a QR-code innovation: We have partnered with third-party food testing labs-  which are accredited & approved for testing organic products, who provide a summary and detailed test report of our products. The customer can stand in the aisle of the grocery store and scan the QR code and will get all the details about the product.


A major step in transparency is where the customer is confident about what she/he is purchasing and the grocery store/retailers are confident of what they are selling!


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712 Precious Mall 7th Floor, Moti Doongri Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004

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