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Bytewise Organic Moong Dal Mogar

One of the most popular pulses in India, Also known as Moong dal mogar or Yellow dal Yellow moong dal is skinned and split, thus they're flat, yellow, and quick-cooking. extremely light and They're r..


Bytewise Organic Moong Whole / Mung Beans

Bytewise Organic mung bean is rich in proteins and can be consumed in breakfast as a healthy substitute.Bytewise Organic Mung Beans can be used in sweet & savoury dishes and even to make flour.Cer..


Bytewise Organic Mung Dal Chilka / Mung Bean Spli...

Bytewise brings you the finest quality of Moong dal chilka. Also known as, Green gram splitted  it is available in many forms including whole, split, de-husked (yellow) and ground. Split mo..


Bytewise Organic Urad Dal

Also known as Maa ki daal, Matpe Beans, Kali urad.Bytewise Organic brings you one of the most widely used dals across India and Nepal and is used in many of the staple dishes across the country.Black ..


Bytewise Organic Urad Dal Chilka

Black gram with other names as urad bean, black gram, Mungo bean, Minapa pappu, and black Matpe bean, is a bean which is widely grown in the Indian subcontinent.Bytewise Organic brings these nutritiou..

Bytewise Organic Urad Dal Mogar

Bytewise Organic Urad White Split or Urad Mogar split is easy to digest, rich in ironBytewise Organic Urad dal is a popular edible pulse that are used in a variety of dishes including stews, soups, an..


Bytewise Organic Chana Dal

Chana dal is baby chickpeas, also known as Bengal gram split and dehusked. Chana Dal is highly nutritious, It is one of the most popular ingredients in Indian cuisine.Bytewise organic chana dal is the..


Bytewise Organic Cowpea / Black Eyed Beans / Lobiy...

Bytewise brings you Cowpea white whole, also known as black eyed peas which are grown organically and prepared. Cowpeas are a very important legume crop in many parts of Asia, Africa, and other ..


Bytewise organic Himalayan Rajma

Himalayan Rajma Jammu beans are cultivated near the foothills of Himalayas, where they are traditionally grown. Bytewise Organic ensure that the beans brought to you are of the highest qual..


Bytewise Organic Kabuli Chana/ Garbanzo

Kabuli Chana or chickpeas or chole are one of the earliest cultivated legumes, and are widely popular across North India and abroad,They are mostly cultivated in central India, and are a very ri..


Bytewise Organic Masoor Dal

Masoor dal, also known as red lentils, The masoor dal is perhaps one of the most common pulses in an Indian kitchen. all power-packed nutrients and its immeasurable benefits bring to you by Bytewi..


Bytewise Organic Moth Beans

Bytewise Brigns you Moth beans which are drought-resistant legume, commonly grown in arid and semi-arid regions of India. It is commonly called mat bean, matki bean, matki, Turkish gram or dew bea..


Bytewise Organic Rajma Chitra / Speckled Kidney Be...

Bytewise Organic Rajma Chitra or Speckled Kidney beans or Pinto Beans are the best source of plant protein and a great food for vegans. Kidney beans can be used as filling for burritos, dips, soups, a..


Bytewise Organic Toor dal / Pigeon Pea Split

Bytewise organic toor dal also refer as Splitted pigeon pea lentils come packed with lots of great nutrition and can benefit your health in a number of impressive ways.Toor Dal is yellow colored..


Bytewise Organic Urad Gota

Urad Gota, also known as White Urad Dal, is a whole black gram, with its outer skinned dehulled, revealing the white or pale white colored dal.A type of bean grown in India that is very similar to..

Bytewise Organic Rajma Jammu / Red Kidney Beans

Bytewise Rajma jammu - as per the name, large in size in compare to small kidney beans with red in color and smooth texturered kidney beans can liven up a wide range of meals including salads, soups ..

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