Bytewise Organic Wheat Chakki atta

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Organic Wheat Chakki atta marks a healthy, vegetarian source of nutrients packed with proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Bytewise Wheat Chakki atta is made in a traditional way, by grinding the whole Wheat Grain Flour, where the temperature due to friction reaches to the range of 110-125° C, which imparts a characteristic aroma and taste to the bread, while also ensuring that the flour is free from any dust and dirt.

We ensure that the packaging of our flour is done securely to maintain the purity, so that it can be used fresh every time.

Whole wheat flour is the most widely and daily used flour in India,Considered the main ingredient in preparation of tasty rotis, chapattis, Phulkas, parathas stuffed with aloo (Potato mixture) / paneer / cabbage / reddish / methi / gobi (Cauliflower) .

The soft dough can be rolled to make tasty Indian Breads i.e puri / bathura to be eaten with dal or vegetable gravy.

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