Bytewise Organic Jaggery Powder

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Bytewise brings to you high quality organic jaggery Powder, We ensure that the jaggery we bring to you is 100% pure and natural, with zero contamination to provide the best taste for your dishes.
It is manufactured by crushing the organic sugar canes to produce pure juices,Post this boiled until solidification, to produce high quality jaggery

After obtaining Organic jaggery, crushed them into powder process further and make sure the process will be contamination free

Bytewise Organic Jaggery Powder is brownish in color, and has the aroma of a blend between brown sugar and molasses.

Culinary Usage
It is used with peanuts, coconut, condensed milk and white sugar.
It is an ingredient in savory and sweet dishes.
It added to lentil soups.
It is used to make til gur.
It is used in Oriya cuisine for making pithas and cakes.
Jaggery is mixed with sesame, jujube puree and coconut shreds.
It is also used to make palm wines.

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